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Civil construction and public works

Civil construction builds public structures like buildings, roads, bridges, and water systems, funded by the government and requiring professional collaboration. It improves the built environment of communities.


Urban rehabilitation and renewal

Urban rehabilitation improves outdated areas by creating sustainable and livable environments. Collaboration between professionals is crucial to address social and economic issues within the community.


Manufacture of metal construction structures

Metal construction structure manufacturing produces metallic components for building structures like beams, columns, and trusses. It requires specialized technical knowledge and equipment for precision and quality.


Repair, assembly, and installation of metal structures

The repair, assembly, and installation of metal structures involve constructing, repairing, and maintaining metal-based structures to ensure safety and durability. This field is essential for infrastructure and industrial facilities.


Support and Consultancy

Support and consultancy in construction offer technical expertise and guidance for project completion within budget and to required standards. The field requires understanding of construction processes and collaboration with stakeholders.

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